What is Ankle-Liposuction  and are Results Permanent? 

Many people out there who are unable to lose weight opt for liposuction. 

It all depends on you and your body. For example, you can get complete liposuction of your body if you want. Still, if it's specifically for the ankles, you can opt for this treatment too. In ankle liposuction, different techniques are used to remove the excess fat off your lower legs so that your calves and ankles can be appropriately defined. 


In this treatment, you get two cuts in the targeted area. One of the cuts is made on the outside of the leg, and the other is made right on the junction of the calf and ankle. Once done, the surgeon will then insert a small tube inside to loosen up the fat deposits inside. You don't have to worry about any pain here because, before the procedure, the surgeon will give you an anesthetic so that you don't feel anything. 


Liposuction is best suitable for those adults who have reached 30 percent of their body weight and have an elastic and firm skin. The surgeon will suck the fat out with a vacuum-like device as far as removing the fat is concerned. When this happens, your lower leg will appear slimmer, and your calves and ankles will become prominent. With the help of a compression bandage, your surgeon will then close the incision. 

When it comes to modeling the ankles or calves, things can be a little complicated, so it's best if you head to a professional for it. You should first ask around to get reviews for the best surgeon who can perform ankle liposuction for you. 

Suppose you are witnessing pain with swelling around your ankles. In that case, your doctor will advise you to get liposuction around that area. Now, for those who don't know much about this process, things can be a little tricky. Like, you'd be scared and concerned about the safety of this procedure. So what you should know is that ankle liposuction is an entirely safe process. After some time, you'll witness the changes in your calves and ankles yourself. 

In fact, it's so safe that you can return back to your home right on the day of the procedure. Only a few people are asked to stay overnight, but most can go home to perform their daily chores. Moreover, you need to be prepared for a bit of swelling around the operated area. It's pretty standard for your lower leg to swell, and to ensure that it goes back to its normal state, you should wear a compression dressing.

You might experience a little after the procedure when it comes to the pain. Still, you can quickly treat it with over-the-counter medicines. 

Are Ankle-Liposuction Results Permanent?  

Whether it's full body liposuction or just ankle liposuction, the results will always remain there and are permanent. It's just that after the procedure, you have to maintain your weight. If you gain the weight back, your fat accumulation will start again and you'll have to opt for other cankles treatments again. 

To maintain your weight, you have to start eating more vegetables and fruits because nutrition is the one thing that's of utmost importance here. Just eat as healthy as you can and make sure to maintain your diet even after you lose weight. 

Moreover, exercise is the one thing that's quite important here. Not just to prevent cankles but you need to exercise everyday for a healthy body and mind.The more active you are physically, the less will be the chances that you'll ever fall to any such issues like cankles.