The 7 Best Exercises To Lose Cankles

There are many reasons behind cankles. Cankles exercises are all about increasing the blood flow in your legs and shaping your muscles. You just have to focus on the appearance of the cankles. However, the good news is that you don't specifically have to work out for hours to get rid of this problem. Simple and sweat-free exercises can do the work for you. You can even perform these exercises while folding your laundry or washing the dishes. 


One of the best things you can do is "walk." You should make it a daily routine, take some time out to walk for at least 30 minutes to an hour to make sure that your body is moving and ensure proper blood flow. Not just cankles, in fact, walking is suitable for anyone suffering from weak joints and knees. 

When you walk, your body's blood circulation improves, and it also helps build your calf muscles. The best thing to keep yourself motivated is to use a fitness tracker here and set a daily count to ensure that your body is in its healthiest state. 

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Calf Lift

 If you don't have the time to walk and are too busy in your daily routine chores, then calf lifting is another excellent exercise for crankles. Here, what you have to do is that you have to hold a surface. It can be anything, a chair, a table, or even the countertop in your kitchen. Hold the shell and stand in a position where you are lifting your feet off the ground and standing on the pads of your feet. When you repeat this motion, your calves will extend and contract, which will help with muscle build-up. If you want to increase the intensity of the exercise, it's best to hold some light weights in your hands while performing this exercise. 

Stair Calf Lift

This exercise is similar to calf lifting, but you have to perform it on the stairs. You have to do here to find a balance on the edge of any stair and make sure that your heel is hanging off the stairs and that your flat foot pads are on the ground. Repeat the motion and perform this exercise every day to see the results. 


Seated Calf Lift

This exercise again is similar to calf lift, but you have to perform it while sitting. This exercise is best for limited mobility or can't move much due to some spinal injury. To increase the intensity here, you have to put some light weights on your thighs and then make a move.  

Lunge Calf Lift

Unlike other exercises mentioned above, this one is slightly different. Here you have to stand in a lunge position and make sure that both your knees are at a 90 degrees angle. Now perform the same calf lift movement and repeat the motion as many times as possible. Now the thing about this exercise is that it's a little more challenging than the other ones, and here you need to have the right balance first. To increase the intensity of this exercise, you should hold some light weights close to your chest. 


Plyometrics is probably the best exercise for those who want a quick solution to cankles. It's also known as jump training and here, what you actually do is give short bursts of force to your muscles. The main goal of this exercise is to increase power. All such activities can be practiced, from jumping lunges to box lunges and squat jumps. Some other best exercises here are; rope jumping, jogging, and climbing stairs.  

Jumping Rope

Jumping rope is the best cardio exercise. It has the power to trigger weight loss, unlike any other activity. Especially for stretching your calf muscles, there's nothing as good as jumping rope. Just make sure that your elbows are close to your chest while performing this exercise and jump only on the balls of your feet. Make sure that your heels are off the ground.  


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