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Are you Looking for a 40k cavitation machine?

Explore our good deals on several cavitation machines on MarkAlpha. Find the best deal that suits you and suits your business—a lot of amazing brands and cavitation machines for weight loss and fat body contouring.

40K machines are a great option for starting a spa business. They are effective, quick, and provide a great return on investment. Cavitation machines use sound waves to break down fat cells. In detail, the 40K machine produces about a frequency of 40k to go deep into the skin to dissolve fat cells. Later, in the fast-active state, the dissolved cells go into circulation and lymph system. 

Technicians sterilize the area with alcohol during treatments. Then, they apply the machine head to the target area. The cavitation head generates low-level ultrasonic waves or sound waves. For some machines, light suction plays an important role. The cavitation head heats and vibrates fat cells under your skin. This transforms them into liquid. Later, the body releases the liquid via the bloodstream or lymphatic system. You will feel a warm sensation and a slight buzzing with the lipo cavitation machine. The full treatment may take 35-60 minutes. It takes 6 to 12 weeks to see the results.

Effectiveness varies from person to person. You need to commit to the procedure so you can get better results. Eating healthy, daily exercise, and drinking plenty of water before and after the treatment is necessary. The higher water intake makes it easier for your body to get rid of fatty acids.

To achieve the effect of cavitation, we advise you to check the manuals of the machines. 

Some of the machines in this collection are equipped with Radio frequency(RF). Rf slimming machines will help you to enhance skin elasticity and help with skin tightening. 

Also, you can find 40k vacuum cavitation, cavitation body shaping machines, 40k ultrasonic, and cavitation RF.

Other machines have Vaccum cavitation. All machines are definitely ultrasonic cavitation machines.

Lipo cavitation is a process that has

  • no injections
  • no general anesthesia,
  • no cosmetic surgeries, no cosmetic procedure
  • no plastic surgery
  • no invasive procedure
  • no plastic surgeons.
Usually, a medical professional will apply a gel to the body area where you intend to remove areas of fat. The medical professional will use an ultrasound device known as a Lipo cavitation machine to perform traditional liposuction procedures. It takes 20-30 minutes to complete one session.
Lipo cavitation machine targets the fat cells. Indeed, ultrasonic waves damage the membranes of fatty tissues. This will result in the release of triglycerides and other fatty substances from your body. The fats convert into a liquid that drains by the lymphatic or urinary system of your body. Lipo Cavitation is the most effective method with no side effects in the fat-burning process.
You do not have to wait for months to see visible improvement in your body shaping. You will see a clear difference within a week. The number of sessions depends upon your body weight. A medical profession will guide you regarding the number of sessions after your physical examination.
Results vary from person to person depending upon several factors, including age, weight, and treatment area. Usually, 10-12 weeks sessions are required to meet your fat-burning goals.


Besides our 40K beauty machines, we have a great variety of 80K Cavitation Machine and fat freezing machines.


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We are based in the United States and we ship internationally, check out the shipping page for estimated delivery!

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