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Professional Laser Hair Removal Machine - There are numerous laser hair removal treatments available to get rid of body hair. It can be challenging to get each treatment's contrasts, downfalls, and preferences. Laser hair evacuation proceeds to be one of the foremost sought-after tasteful strategies and is one of the biggest markets in aesthetics around the world. Laser and light-based gadgets can diminish and anticipate future development, but the adequacy can change essentially depending on the innovation utilized. 

No woman likes hair on body parts such as the stomach or the chin. They don't look or feel good. The main concern with any hair removal method is its temporary nature. Almost all the techniques and even technologies do not give permanent hair removal solutions, regardless of number of treatments. However, with laser technology evolving, professional hair removal machines are gaining popularity among skin care professionals. You can get your hands on a professional laser hair removal machine to set it up at your clinic, or go for a professional IPL hair removal machine from the list below:

IPL Laser

Best Overall Professional Laser Hair Removal Machine

Professional Laser Hair Removal Device With 3 Wavelength 755nm/808nm/1064nm

This is one of the best professional laser hair removal machines available in the market. The machine combines high freezing points up to -5 degrees and wavelengths of energy that work on the hair follicles to break them down.

The machine is equipped with three wavelengths that can help remove hair from any skin type, and any skin color. The freezing technology freezes the hair removal effect on the skin.The ice handle is suitable to remove unwanted hair from the sensitive areas of the body.

Three different wavelengths can work equally well for light and dark hair color. One of the wavelengths penetrate the subcutaneous fat and destroys hair follicles of any color.

The best part of the whole process is that it is absolutely painless. Any skincare specialist can get their hands on this machine to provide their patients the best possible hair removal service.

Key Features: Laser


Large treatment head that shortens the period of the treatment and great to target hair.
Suitable for every hair color and dark skin. Great permanent results


The patient may experience redness on the skin after the treatment.
It is an expensive device that totally worths the investment.

professional hair removal

Best Professional Hair Removal Machine under $2000

IPL OPT SHR Hair Removal Laser Machine

This OPT hair removal machine works equally well for every hair color. The advanced technology focuses hair removal through high wavelength light (not ultraviolet) that ranges between 400-1200 nm. The high frequency light works to destroy the melanin in the hair.

Besides hair removal, this machine also works efficiently to remove speckles, age spots, sun-induced freckles, acne marks and birthmarks.

In short, it is a complete solution for every skin-related issue that also encompasses red blood vessels, minimizing the pore size and lifting the face. Moreover, the machine’s technology works effectively against all the aging skin problems.The machine has an LCD screen that shows instructions in six different languages, so most people across the globe can use it without difficulty.The machine gives the ease of working for long hours to professionals as well as home users who want to have a hair removal unit at home.

Key Features: Laser


Easy handling due to the hand piece which makes it useful for both professionals and home users.
Effective against many skin-related issues.


The machine does not work efficiently against light colored hair since it targets melanin.

professional hair removal

Best Professional Laser Hair Removal Equipment Value For Money

IPL OPT SHR Laser Hair Removal & Acne Treatment Machine

This 360 magneto-optical hair removal machine works on two distinctive principles. One is the photo pyrolysis of the IPL pulse and the second one is the strong magnetic energy. Both these technologies provide an effective operation against multiple skin and hair types.Besides that, the cooling technology keeps the epidermis cool with the unique decomposition of the epidermis and dermis pigments.

The SHR hair removal machine removes the hair follicles of the hairy nipples by focusing on the dermal collagen tissue.

The fast 360 magneto technology makes the machine work for longer hours without losing efficiency. The water cooling system works simultaneously with the light to soothe the skin. The machine is energy efficient as compared to most of its counterparts, and is effective for permanent hair removal, pigmentation removal from the skin, removal of freckles, skin rejuvenation, acne treatment and vascular therapy. The picosecond laser technology of the machine is effective against tattoos, spot removal and getting your lips plump and beautiful through lip embroidery.

Key Features: High quality Laser Beam


A fast hair removal working mode machine
Combination of four different technologies


Can be harmful for people with certain skin conditions

3 in 1 Multifunctional IPL Laser Hair Removal Machine

Best Portable Professional Hair Removal Machine

3 in 1 Multifunctional IPL Laser Hair Removal Machine

This is one of the most efficient professional IPL hair removal machines available in the market.The SHR hair removal technology produces high heat that works on the diseased cells of the skin, working against freckles, dark spots and skin that has lost its luster. The water cooling technology works simultaneously with the laser, which prevents damage to the nearby skin cells. The cooling head gets frozen in a matter of minutes that makes the operation easy for both the client and the professional. Besides these features, the technology works specially for collagen repair in the deep layers of the skin. Anyone who is going through skin elasticity issues, can get a satisfactory skin rejuvenation session with this top-of-the-line IPL hair removal machine. There are three different probe sizes. The smallest for the areas near eyes and nose, the medium one for the smaller parts of the body such as face and the biggest for large body parts. The machine is effective against tattoos and embroidered lips that have not worked well for your patients. The technology is specifically effective against pigmentation, and helps excrete pigmented cells by breaking them into small particles.

Key Features: Intense pulsed light


Three probes for different functions
Highly effective for collagen repair of the skin


May not be effective for all skin colors

pro hair removal

Permanent Hair Removal Diode Laser 755 808 1064nm

This one simply qualifies as one of the best laser hair removal machines in the clinics. The technology uses three different laser frequencies to treat different hair types. The water cooling system mitigates the effect of the 20 million shots this machine gives at a time. The handle is very convenient to use, and the plugging can be done in just a snap. The 4 inch touch screen makes it a breeze to handle for the professionals. Equipped with diode laser technology, the machine is effective against all types of hair from dark colored to light colored, and for all skin types.

Key Features: Laser


Comparatively low cost
Energy efficient


The light emission leaves the professional partially blind while using the machine, so the technician may not see the skin which he is treating. Not FDA Approved!

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