Can you do body cavitation at home?

Tips and Tricks for at home body cavitation


Do you want to get rid of your body fat without any pain?

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Of course, yes. Non-surgical body sculpting is known as body cavitation. You can lose inches from different fat-rich areas of your body without spending time in the hospital. You will see a visible improvement in affected areas in 72 hours. You can sculpt by the process the common body parts: the abdomen, buttocks, male chest, chin, inner thigh area, back, and hips. Cavitation treatments remove cellulite magically. Body cavitation boosts your confidence while giving you the ideal figure. Various body cavitation machines are available in the market. Read on to know about Lipo cavitation machines, at-home cavitation machines, fat burner machines, laser Lipo machines, and how these devices can help you achieve your goals.

So, What is a Lipo Cavitation Machine?

Lipo cavitation is a process in which no injections nor anesthesia are required. Usually, a medical professional will apply a gel to the body area where you intend to remove fat. The medical Professional will use an ultrasound device known as a Lipo cavitation machine to perform the procedure. It takes 20-30 minutes to complete one session.

Lipo cavitation machine targets the fat cells. Ultrasonic waves damage the membranes of fatty tissues. This will result in the release of triglycerides and other fatty substances from your body. The fats convert into a liquid that drains by the lymphatic or urinary system of your body. Lipo Cavitation is the most effective method with no side effects in the fat-burning process.

You do not have to wait for months to see visible improvement in your body. You will see a clear difference within a week. The number of sessions depends upon your body weight. A medical profession will guide you regarding the number of sessions after your physical examination.

Results vary from person to person depending upon several factors, including age, weight, and treatment area. Usually, 10-12 weeks sessions are required to meet your fat-burning goals.


Cavitation At Home


At Home Cavitation Machine

Now, since you have understood the process of body cavitation; you must be thinking, is it possible to try the procedure at home? Yes! There are many kinds of cavitation machines available in the market that you can purchase to burn the damn fat. Allow me to tell you some  guidelines to follow while trying it at home. 

  • Always read the instructions provided by the manufacturer of the machine before starting the process.
  • Move the cavitation machine gently on affected areas and let the ultrasound waves do the magic.
  • To ease the process, apply the gel that will help the waves to pass through your skin more effectively. The gel facilitates the movement of the cavitation machine on your skin.


Benefits of at home Cavitation Machine

At home, the cavitation machine offers you a series of advantages which are as follows.

  • Utmost Comfort

At home, the cavitation machine provides you utmost comfort. You can perform the whole treatment efficiently without wasting your time. You need to arrange a comfortable space at your home. You can get some help from a friend or a family member.

  • Affordable Prices

At home, the cavitation machine saves your money. You can find cheaper devices in the market that are super easy to use than those used in specialized centers.

You must pay for each session at aesthetic clinics, but purchasing a cavitation machine saves all the fees wasted on each session.

  • Fat Burner

It is difficult to burn fat from a specific area like your abdomen with exercise and diet. At home, a cavitation machine is the ultimate solution.

There are minimum side effects and no risk at all using the machine at home. It helps you to lose weight and look attractive.

  • Better Skin

A body cavitation machine does not only help \you to lose weight but improves the skin texture. It eliminates cellulite and boosts the production of collagen. The result will be healthy and younger-looking skin.


Cavitation Treatment Before and After


Expert Opinion

At home, cavitation machines are less powerful but are very effective. If you treat the affected area for 30-35 minutes, you will see clear improvement after 8-10 sessions. 

There is no harm in using the device at home. It would be best if you were careful, do not spend extra time on sessions, and overheat the device. Keep some days of a margin between sessions to allow the normal drainage of fats. 


Laser Lipo Machine

The laser lipo machine is slightly different from other cavitation devices. It does not remove the fat cells but shrinks the size of molecules. Laser pads are provided with a laser Lipo machine. The technician places the pads on the targeted skin. Laser energy penetrates deeper into fat cells and breaks their membranes. All the stored fatty acids, glycerol, and water present in fat cells release and drain via the body's lymphatic system.

It takes 10-20 minutes per session, and two sessions are recommended for four weeks. You can notice results after 6-8 sessions. The laser Lipo machine does not remove the fat cells but removes their content and reduces the size. The shrunk fat bodies can gain their scope back. A proper diet is the only way to maintain the results.

Something More You Need to Know

Body cavitation is a perfect way to burn fat. It is all safe, non-surgical, and requires no time for recovery. Follow the aftercare instructions to achieve better results. Keep yourself well hydrated and drink plenty of fluids before and after the treatment. Eat nutrient-rich food and do some exercise daily to maintain the results. Avoid fatty foods, sugars, and alcoholic beverages.

For most people, the treatment is painless and does not require time for recovery. Short-term skin sensitivity is typical. Suppose you experience skin redness, irritation, mild bruising, increased body temperature, mild body aches, increased thirst, and headache after the treatment. Don't worry! It is normal. Body cavitation is a safe process that is perfect for removing extra fat and lose weight. 


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